Cardiff Roubaix

Cardiff Roubaix is a tough Paris-Roubaix-style sportive featuring 14 unpaved/gravel sectors, farm tracks and bridleways, finishing on the historic Maindy Velodrome in Cardiff. Original 100km route plus epic new 100-mile option (160km). New unpaved/gravel road sectors. Outdoor velodrome finish.

Monday 28 August 2017


Cardiff Roubaix will be held on Monday 28 August 2017 (10.00am), starting and finishing at Maindy Velodrome in Cardiff. It features fourteen unpaved/gravel sectors, farm tracks and bridleways, ranging from 300m to 3900m in length, and totalling over 32km for the 100-mile route. The event is intended to mimic the professional one-day Classic ‘Paris-Roubaix’ (as far as is possible in this area), and as such is designed to be ridden on road bikes. The route is located entirely on the flat Roubaix-like landscape of the coastal plain to the east of Cardiff and Newport, adjacent to the Severn Estuary, sandwiched between the mountains and the sea. The course starts in Cardiff and then heads east towards the first unpaved/gravel sectors, and then on towards Newport before returning to the iconic Maindy Stadium, where the event finishes on a large outdoor velodrome (as does Paris-Roubaix). The route will also pass Newport Velodrome and Celtic Manor.

A well-stocked feed station, a broom wagon and medical support will be provided.

You can sign up using British Cycling’s online entry system – click on the red ‘ENTER’ button above. Entry is priced at £32/£30. The event is promoted by Cycle Classics, who also organize the similarly-themed Tour of the Black Country, the Cheshire Cobbled Classic, which includes several steep cobbled climbs, including the infamous 45% Corkscrew, and the Strade-Bianche-themed White Roads Classic which features 17 white gravel/chalk sectors. Cardiff Roubaix is supported by Welsh Cycling and British Cycling. Like our facebook page to view more photos and to receive the latest information and updates on the event.


Cardiff Roubaix 2017 Rider Information Pack


8 Lighthouse 3600m   * * * *
7 Chapel Rd 2000m     *
Pipeline 3900m  * * * * *
5 Black Wall 1700m    * * *
FEED  Magor
4 Caldicot Station   300m      *
3 Black Wall South 1700m    * * *
2 Pipeline North 3900m  * * * * *
1      Lighthouse West 800m   * * * *
FINISH  108 km Velodrome
 100km Route Map

100km Route Profile


14 Lighthouse 3600m   * * * *
13 Chapel Rd 2000m     *
12  Pipeline 3900m  * * * * *
11 Black Wall 1700m    * * *
FEED  Magor
10 Caldicot Station   300m      *
9 Black Wall South 1700m    * * *
8 Pipeline North 3900m  * * * * *
7 Chapel Rd 2000m
6 Pipeline 3900m
5 Black Wall 1700m
FEED Magor
4 Caldicot Station 300m
3 Black Wall South 1700m
2 Pipeline North 3900m
1      Lighthouse West 800m   * * * *
FINISH  158 km Velodrome
 100 mile Route Map

 100 mile Route Profile

An old photo of the former grandstand at Maindy Velodrome, Cardiff. The finish of the 100-mile Cardiff Roubaix sportive.

Maindy Aerial

An aerial view of Maindy Velodrome with the Severn Estuary and coastal plain in the distance.


The Lighthouse gravel sector between Cardiff and Newport. Much of the land of this coastal plain has been reclaimed from the sea, and is completely flat.


The western half of the Lighthouse gravel sector which runs from New House Farm to the lighthouse on Wales Coast Path.

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IMG_9631 IMG_9637 IMG_9707 IMG_9740 IMG_9882 IMG_9888 IMG_9924 IMG_9925




West Usk Lighthouse seen from the sea. Note Tardis on terrace.


Cattle grid on the Lighthouse sector.


A cruise ship approaching Newport Docks by West Usk Lighthouse.


The famous ‘Transporter Bridge’ near Newport Docks. The route of Cardiff Roubaix passes right by this bridge – but not, unfortunately, across it.


The 3km ‘Pipeline’ unpaved sector which stretches from the Tata Steel plant to the sea. The course is generally bone-dry in August and this sector should be free of puddles on the day of the event.


Close up of the gravel surface of part of the Pipeline sector, close to the vast Tata Steel plant between Cardiff and Newport.

Blackwall Severn Estuary

The superb Black Wall gravel sector seen from the air, which stretches for 2km towards the Severn Estuary.


One of the many drainage channels or ‘reens’, which criss-cross the pan-flat coastal plain to the east of Cardiff and Newport. Many of the unpaved/gravel sectors run parallel to these reens.


The attractive Black Wall gravel sector which is traversed twice, in opposite directions, on the route of the 2015 Cardiff Roubaix cyclosportive.


A typical view of the industrial/coastal landscape of South Wales that features heavily in Cardiff Roubaix.


An additional stretch of coastal path and exposed mudflats. Steel plant in the distance.


The bricked/cobbled approach to Maindy Velodrome.


The back straight of Maindy Velodrome. 25-degree banking (ideal for novices).


The finish of Cardiff Roubaix on the concrete 460m outdoor velodrome at the Maindy Centre.



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