Cheshire Cobbled Classic – Course Details

Cheshire Cobbled Classic Sportive

Cheshire Cobbled Classic - Course Details

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START Lyme Park
Sector 12
Start Lane 300m 30% max. Cobbles
Sector 11
Fernilee Reservoir 1800m Flat Hard-packed stones
Sector 10
The Corkscrew 200m 45% max. Cobbles
Sector 9
Bank Clough Farm 600m Flat -5% Gravel (descent)
FEED 1 (km) Trentabank Reservoir
Sector 8
Hocker Lane 1600m Flat Gravel/cobbles
Sector 7
Bradford Lane 600m Flat Cobbles (rounded)
Sector 6
Horseshoe Lane 200m Flat Cobbles
Sector 5
Woodbrook Road 300m 20% max. Cobbles
Sector 4
Swiss Hill 600m 25% max. Cobbles
Sector 3
Jumper Lane 2000m 25% max. Broken
Sector 2
Beeston Brow  300m 20% max. Cobbles (irregular)
Sector 1
Lyme Park 1800m 10% max. Gravel
FINISH (160km) Lyme Park


In addition, there are eight major tarmac road climbs on the route. The first two of these climbs average over 10% for long stretches. Note that five of the six climbs occur in the first 36km of the route; thereafter, the course descends onto the Cheshire Plain via Macclesfield Forest, and it is almost another 50km before the sixth and final tarmac climb at Kerridge is encountered.

  1. Pym Chair. Fernilee Reservoir – Pym Chair (250m-470m) +220m elevation gain. 2.5km long. (km)
  2. Jenkin Chapel. Bank Clough Farm – Pym Chair via Jenkin Chapel (290m-470m) +180m. 2.1km long. (km)
  3. Bakestonedale. Kettleshulme – Bakestonedale Road (240m-350m) +110m. 2.8km long. (km)
  4. Pike Road. Pike Road – Ewrin Road (280m-400m) +120m. 3.8km long. (km)
  5. Lamaload Reservoir. Lamaload Reservoir – A537 close to the Cat and Fiddle (320m-420m) +100m. 2.3 km long. (km)
  6. The Roaches 
  7. Gun Hill
  8. Kerridge. Bollington (180m-250m) +70m. 2.0km long. (km)

The start of the 2015 Cheshire Cobbled Classic in Lyme Park (National Trust).


Lyme Park


Approaching the steepest part of the 45% max. ‘Corkscrew’.


The top of the Corkscrew with the climb to Pym Chair in the distance.

The Cheshire Cobbled Classic Sportive in The Peak District

The long descent via Windgather Rocks to Kettleshulme in the Peak District National Park.

Cheshire Cobbled Classic - Alderley Edge Cobbles

The rounded cobbles of the flat Bradford Lane sector, Alderley Edge.

Cheshire Cobbled Classic Cycle Sportive

The flatter Bradford Lane and Hocker Lane cobbled sectors between Prestbury and Alderley Edge.

CCC 03 VIG_edited-1

Towards the top of the 25% ‘Jumper Lane’ gravel/broken tarmac climb.

CCC 05

Jumper Lane sector sign.

Cheshire Cobbled Classic Cycle Sportive

At the base of the cobbled Beeston Brow in Bollington. 20% max. gradient.

Cheshire Cobbled Classic Sportive

The unusual patchworked surface of Beeston Brow.


Beeston Brow in the 2015 Lapierre Cheshire Cobbled Classic

Cheshire Cobbled Classic Cycle Sportive

Irregular and broken cobbles as the route heads eastward to the Peak District.

Cheshire Cobbled Classic Cycle Sportive

The base of Swiss Hill, the final climb of the Cheshire Cobbled Classic. 25% maximum gradient.

Cheshire Cobbled Classic Sportive - Swiss Hill

The large rectangular cobbles of Swiss Hill, The gradient is less severe towards the top.