Liverpool Roubaix

Liverpool Roubaix is a tough Paris-Roubaix-style sportive featuring fourteen unpaved/cobbled sectors and a finish on the spectacular new velodrome at Knowsley. Original 100km route plus epic new 100-mile option (160km).

Sunday 1 October 2017


Inspired by the Queen of the Classics: ‘Paris-Roubaix’

Entries will open shortly for the 2017 edition of the Wilier “Liverpool Roubaix” cyclosportive, which will be held on Sunday 1 October 2017, starting and finishing at Knowsley Velodrome (Liverpool L36 6EG). The ride will head north and then east across the flat, bleak Roubaix-like plains of Merseyside via a series of gravel and cobbled roads, before heading back to the velodrome past Knowsley Hall – the site of the time-trial stage of The Tour of Britain in 2013 and 2014. Well-stocked feed stations, a broom wagon and medical support will be provided. Register from 0800, start from 0830.

You can sign up using British Cycling’s online entry system by clicking on the red ‘ENTER’ button below. The event is promoted by Cycle Classics, who also organize the similarly-themed Tour of the Black Country, the Cheshire Cobbled Classic, which includes several steep cobbled climbs, including the infamous 45% Corkscrew, and the Strade-Bianche-themed White Roads Classic which features 9 white gravel/chalk sectors. Liverpool Roubaix is supported by British Cycling. Like our facebook page to view more photos and to receive the latest information and updates on the event.

Drone photo of the Main Lane cobbled sector taken during the 2015 edition of Liverpool Roubaix.


Riders on the new Knowsley Velodrome – the finish of the Liverpool Roubaix cyclosportive.


Drone video of the Liverpool Roubaix cobbles

100 mile Profile

100km ROUTE MAP – Click for Interactive Map

100km ROUTE PROFILE – Click for Interactive Profile


START Knowsley 
9   (16 km) Simonswood Moss 1200m Gravel & Cobbles   * * *
8   (17 km) Coach Road 1800m Broken Tarmac   * * *
7   (19 km) Mossborough Hall   700m Stony Gravel  * * * *
6   (26 km) Berrington’s Lane 1200m Coarse Gravel  * * * *
FEED Croft (53 km)
5   (55 km) Main Lane   700m Cobbles * * * * *
4   (77 km) Berrington’s Lane West 1200m Coarse Gravel  * * * *
3   (85 km) Mossborough Hall West   700m Stony Gravel  * * * *
2   (86 km) Coach Road North 1800m Broken Tarmac   * * *
1   (88km) Simonswood Moss North 1200m Gravel & Cobbles   * * *
FINISH (105km) Knowsley Velodrome

100 mile ROUTE MAP – Click for Interactive Map

100 Mile ROUTE PROFILE – Click for Interactive Profile


START Knowsley 
14   (16 km) Simonswood Moss 1200m Gravel & Cobbles  * * *
13   (17 km) Coach Road 1800m Broken Tarmac  * * *
12   (19 km) Mossborough Hall   700m Stony Gravel * * * *
11   (31 km) Stanley Gate   600m Gravel  * * *
10   (34 km) Ottershead Farm 1000m Gravel & Cobbles  * * * *
   (37 km) Crane’s Lane 1800m Gravel  * * * *
8     (43 km) Wheat Lane  100m Cobbles     *
FEED (47km) Farmer’s Arms
7    (59 km) Long Meanygate 4700m Gravel * * * * *
6    (67 km) Hunter’s Lane 2900m Cobbles & Gravel * * * * *
FEED (113 km) Croft – General Elliot
5   (116 km) Main Lane 700m Cobbles * * * * *
4   (138 km) Berrington’s Lane 1200m Coarse Gravel  * * * *
3   (145 km) Mossborough Hall West 700m Stony Gravel  * * * *
2   (146 km) Coach Road North 1800m Broken Tarmac   * * *
1   (148 km) Simonswood Moss North 1200m Gravel & Cobbles   * * *
FINISH (165km) Knowsley Velodrome
Preview of the 2017 Wilier LIVERPOOL ROUBAIX from Bikes Etc.


Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park – the HQ for Liverpool Roubaix.


The excellent cobbled road to High Peak which features in the Liverpool Roubaix cyclosportive.

The Ottershead Farm cobbled sector

The gravel approach to Berrington’s Lane (Sector 4)

The utterly epic 2900m Hunter’s Lane cobbled sector.

The short sector of cobbles at Wheat Lane, leading to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.


Love your events – Alex R.

Really enjoyed it…and the champagne thanks for a great day. Prosecco at end was an absolute winner!  – Paul C.

Agree, glass of bubbly worked for me at the end. Great feel to the event, very well sign posted. – Lee R

Great event well organised. Will be looking to do it again next year. – Si L.

Excellent event – James B.

Good event, well-marked, just as physical as a climbing sportive when run off at +18 mph. – Jonathan F.

Fabulous ride! Route was fun, signage was good, organisers friendly. We’ll be back next year. Karen D.

Loved the route. Loved the atmosphere and the friendliness – drafting at 38kph on gravel was a novel experience for me! Very good feel factor and friendly vibe. – Rob C.

Loved it. Had it plotted on Garmin but the standard of the signing was first class. You would have to be blind to get lost on this course. Finishing on the velodrome was a complete blast despite being knackered and would have loved to do more than 1 1/2 laps. The chocolate and fizz at the end was absolutely inspired. – Barry A.

Cracking event …also think we should have some sort of group that can reinstate/protect cobbled roads as they do in Belgium. I’ll be singing up next year — Gareth R.

Loved the day and it was good to do something different. – Allan D.

Great event. You could really crank it if you wanted to (as evidenced by some of the times). – James A.


An old photo of the Feed Station – the General Elliot in Croft at roughly half-way. Cobbles now removed, sadly.


The Main Lane cobbles are just as challenging as some of the cobbled sectors in Paris-Roubaix.


Slightly downhill gradient of the cobbles makes for a fast and thrilling ride.


Sector 3: The Mossborough Hall stony gravel road.


Knowsley Velodrome. Riders complete a lap-and-a-half at the finish of the Liverpool Roubaix sportive.




Bradley Wiggins on the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix in 2014 – the inspiration for the Liverpool Roubaix event..


The velodrome finish of Paris-Roubaix. Tom Boonen wins in 2009.

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'One of the best sportives I have ever participated in. Great route, great technical challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will spread the word.'

- Christopher R.

'Fantastic concept! Great to have an event with a new edge. Looking forward to next year!'

- Paul H.

'The Tour of the Black Country is probably the best sportive route in the annual calendar. Organised to the highest professional standards and quickly gaining a reputation right across Europe, this is a ride of absolute brilliance.'

- Urban Cycles

'The best-organized sportive I've ever been to. Incredible that 2014 was the first running of the event. The corporate big boys had better watch out!'

- Neil K.

'Brilliant event!'

- Julie B.

'Excellent event. Well run. Definitely a different sportive and should be a regular on the sportive calendar for decades. Chapeau to all involved.'

- John C.


- Alistair C.

'The best sportive of 2014'.

- Guvnors' Assembly

'As good as you'll get in Britain, I reckon.'

- Will F.

'It’s tough to stand out in the crowded British sportive market but Cycle Classics has hit the nail squarely on the head with its Tour of the Black Country: off-road segments, cobbles, a velodrome finish, even a glass of champagne on completion. The highlight of the day was the glorious sweeps of Aldersley Velodrome for the final lap and a half of the course, just like at Paris-Roubaix. Great atmosphere and sense of being part of a special event.'

- Cycling Weekly

'I only ride a few sportives each year now in this country...The ones I usually do are the Tour of the Black Country and the Tour of Britain.'

- James T.


Cheshire Cobbled Classic – White Roads Classic- Tour of the Black Country

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