The Wilier White Roads Classic - Course Details

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The Wilier White Roads Classic features sectors of white gravel and chalk roads (seventeen in total, ranging from 1300m to 5300m in length) on and around the Ridgeway National Trail in Oxfordshire. All of the roads used on the route are relatively traffic-free, with the majority of the White Road sectors being closed to all traffic.

A typical White Road on The Ridgeway

A typical White Road on The Ridgeway

White Gravel Sectors – 100 mile Route

START  (0 km) Streatley Farm RG8 9PT
Sector 17  (5 km) Streatley West 2000m
Sector 16  (7 km) Starveall South 1300m
Sector 15  (8 km) Roden Downs 5300m
Sector 14  (13.5 km) East Ilsley 2000m
Sector 13  (21 km) Tile Barn 3400m
Sector 12  (25 km) Harwell Field  1900m
Sector 11  (33 km) East Ginge 1300m
Sector 10  (56 km) White Horse Hill 1600m
FEED 1   (65 km) The Royal Oak, Bishopstone
Sector 7   Foxhill 5300m
Sector 8  Upper Lambourn 3100m
Sector 7 Letcombe Castle 2600m
FEED 2 Court Hill Centre, Wantage
Sector 6  Farnborough Down 1500m
Sector 5   East Ilsley North 2000m
Sector 4  Churn Road 2600m
Sector 3  Aldworth 1500m
Sector 2   Starveall North 1300m
Sector 1   Streatley East 2000m
FINISH Streatley Farm


Photos: henryiddon.com